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Quality assurance and customer satisfaction lead Open Group's top belief. OPEN GROUP HOLDING LTD. is one of the most professional manufacturers producing low-voltage and high-voltage electrical products, power equipment, cables & wires, etc. Through last 10 years' development,OPEN GROUP HOLDING LTD. has grown up as one of the biggest group companies in China, and the products range includes lightings, and lamp. We have over fifty member factories for the products above, and our products include 1,500 series and more than 15,000 industrial components.

We have precious experiences in exporting our products to the Southeast Asian, Australian, European and the American markets. Our products are well-known greatly due to high quality and reasonable price. After more than 10 years' promotion and service in the world, our products are enjoying a great share in the international market.

To present our customer more considerate service, OPEN GROUP HOLDING LTD. has modernized our production equipment, enhanced production technology and management mode. To form designing, producing, quality checking, selling as an organic whole, from quality control of the input of the raw materials and feedback of the after-sale service, etc., we have introduced TQM and other advanced producing methods to ensure the interest of our customers.

The 21st century is the era of the knowledge economy, full of the fierce competitions of technology and managing mode, but meanwhile, we can tell that there are also so many opportunities to get mutual benefits. Welcome domestic and international friends to cooperate cordially with OPEN GROUP HOLDING LTD. We believe with our best efforts, we can create the prosperity and development for both of our business.

 Smallclass HV fuse(20)
     Contact box Type
     Bushing Series
     Insulation tube Series
     Pull pole Series
 Smallclass cable wire(20)
  | Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment >>  Voltage vacuum circuit >> AC Outdoor HV Vacuum Breaker >> ZW10-12、ZW12-12、ZW27-12
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mostly purpose
ZW10-12、ZW12-12、ZW27-12outdoor hv vacuum breaker are three-phase ac outdoor hv switching devices,the breaker is mainly used for distribution systems in country or city network,mines,railway and ports with 12kv level,rated current 630a,rated frequency 50hz,especially for outdoor overhead line ,it switches on/off load current and over load or short current to switch and protect electic networks ,maching with a disconnecting switch,the preaker can be a combined switch,the disconnecting switch is installed on the side of the breaker body,combining with the breaker by the angle iron underframe.on the transmission shaft,the interlocking device is installed for matching with breaker’s mechanism,so it can prevent from incorrect manipulation
matching with a reclosing controller or segmentation controller,the breaker becomes a recloser(or sectionalizer)interlligerce breaker,matching with a reclosing controller and PT ,the breaker has three segment compound protection of switch on rush current control,over current protection and short quick break,and it has 1~3times of reclosing ,low current ground protection,wired supervisory control functions ,it can slso remote control under the pole ,and comtinuously regulate parametersof the breaker ,it os an ideal choice for spot switch and simple measurement switch outside country network wubstations .

nomal working environment
1、ambient temperature:+40℃~-40℃;
2、altitude:≤2000M,it should be custom-made for >2000M
3、wind pressure: ≤ 700PA(equivalent to wind speed 34m/s)
4、relative humidity:day &#118alue ≤95%,month &#118alue≤90%
5、pollution class: Ⅳ
6、surrounding air id not poluted by corrosive gas or inflammable gas seriously;
7、no frequent excessive vibration.
Technic parameter
rated voltage
rated current
power frequency withstand voltage
lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak &#118alue)
rated short circult breaking current
12.5 16 20 / 20 25 31.5
rated short current switching current (peak &#118alue)
31.5 40 50 / 50 63 80
rated short time withstand current
12.5 16 20 / 20 25 31.5
rated peak &#118alue withstand current
31.5 40 50 / 50 63 80
breaking current frequency under rated shout circlt
mechanism life

Externality & Build in Dimension

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